Information before the trip to Costa Rica


Costa Rican weather and clothing during your trip: As for the weather, it is warm and pleasant in Costa Rica all year round. On the beach it is 28-35C all day and about 22-28 in the evenings. The temperatures are roughly the same all year round. So, along the coast you’ll only need beach clothes. But many of you will visit both volcanoes and rain forests that are at high altitude, so bring your long trousers and a long-sleeved shirt, for example, tracksuit or similar because it can go down to 16-18C in the evenings and become windy up in the mountains.

On your feet you only need sneakers and sandals (flipflops) during your journey. Those of you who will visit Tortuguero and go for hikes in the jungle there will borrow rubber boots on-site. But even in Costa Rica it can rain and especially in the rainforest so a rain poncho is a good thing to bring with you. Do not take rain gear as it gets too hot. During the excursions, a hat of some kind can be good as the sun is very strong here.

You can also bring a smaller backpack to bring on the excursions that include camera, sun block, mosquito spray (OFF is the mosquito spray you’ll find here in CR), water and rain poncho.

Sun protection factor: We recommend spf 30-70 the first days especially if you are going out to sea. Costa Rica is only 10 degrees north of the equator so the sun is extremely strong here. Compared to Thailand many people visited, it is 22 degrees away from the equator.

Currency: In terms of money, you can shop with US dollars and this is good to take with you as pocket money. Then you can choose to withdraw US Dollars or the domestic currency, Colones in the ATMs here in Costa Rica. 1000 colones = ca 15 kronor (1 US Dollar = 600 colones (1 december 2018) Visa and Mastercard work everywhere in Costa Rica and are safe to use, but do not forget to call your bank and inform them that you are going to Costa Rica as some cards are blocked in Central America. If you want to go to the bank and withdraw money you need your passport with you as ID.

Vaccination: To travel to Costa Rica you do not need any special vaccination. But we strongly recommend that wherever you travel in the world it is good to have Twinrix. You can read more about Twinrix by clicking here: Twinrix

As for malaria, dengue fever and zika, it exists in Costa Rica just as in the rest of the tropics, but neither is very widespread. So, wearing mosquito repellent in the evenings when the sun goes down and if you are in rainforests or the jungle is a good option for being on the safe side for a cheap money. Mosquito repellent can also be bought in Costa Rica, it’s called OFF and is a spray can against mosquitoes (do not use OFF in the face)

Ticket: Make sure your name on the ticket matches the spelling in your passport.

Passport and Visa: It is every traveller’s responsibility to ensure that they have all required VISA and a VALID PASSPORT when entering another country. EU-citizens do not need a visa for stays less than three months in Costa Rica. The passport must have six months remaining validity on entry into Costa Rica and you must have a valid return ticket with you to enter the country. For more detailed information on entry rules, please contact the Costa Rican migration authority. It is the traveller’s responsibility to ensure that entry and residence in Costa Rica is in accordance with the prevailing regulations.

Esta: In order to travel in or through the US, you must hold an entry permit called Esta. You can get this by clicking here if you don’t already have it: Esta. An ESTA application takes about 5 minutes to complete and costs USD 14 per person. This entry permit is valid for two years after it has been issued.

Electricity and adapters: In Costa Rica the wall-outlets are 110V just like in the US. This means that you will need an adapter if you want to charge electrical items. The easiest way is to buy adapters back home with the nearest electricity shop and if it’s last minute you can often find adapters at the airport.

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