Volcano Arenal and La Fortuna village in Costa Rica

An amazing experience you will soon forget


Even from far away we can see the 7000 year old volcano Arenal tower over us. Arenal was up until 2011 one of the world’s most active volcanoes with regular eruptions, and while it has calmed down considerably the last few years, it is still active.

When the weather is clear you can see the smoke coming from the 140 m wide crater and that is an incredibly powerful experience in itself. A visit here is so much more than just the volcano; you can bathe in warm springs where the mineral water is naturally heated by the volcano, take hikes around the foot of the volcano (at a safe distance) in the amazing nature surrounding Arenal. You can visit waterfalls, go river rafting and eat well in the cosy village La Fortuna.

The village of La Fortuna

In the nearby village La Fortuna and around the volcano there are plenty of hotels to choose from. Here you can also visit the 72m tall water fall, Catarata La Fortuna. Nature around Arenal is incredibly beautiful and full of animals and birds. Don’t be surprised if you see sloths, pizotes or a toucan on your tour around the volcano or in the hotel gardens.

Here you can also go zip lining (canopy), hike in the rainforest both night and day, and go river rafting and visit a cave system to mention just a few of the excursions we make from here.

To see a volcanic eruption is an amazing experience you won’t ever forget, and even though Arenal is less active today, its insides are very much alive.

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