Carrillo in Costa Rica

The perfect fishing trip that is every angler’s dream


Every fisherman’s dream! Our trip to the small fishing village of Carrillo is the perfect trip for those of you who want to fish January to April more than anything or visit the amazing beach.

Here you live a quiet village life in the middle of the jungle and at the same time, enjoy restaurants and bars.

The small fishing village of Carrillo is a village with only a few hundred permanent residents; it quite takes your breath away when you arrive in the fishing village along the Pacific beach. Palm trees stretch their leaves out over the beach and the only sign of life is a family who have hung up two hammocks between the palm trees where parents enjoy themselves with a bit of rest while the children play on the beach.

A bit further away on the beach a family is barbequing their lunch and enjoying life in the shadow of the palm trees. It is a very picturesque village and the selection is limited, but with a very cozy atmosphere and besides the beautiful hotel we use, there are also a handful of good restaurants, bars, supermarkets – just about everything you’ll need.

If you want to broaden the selection or go clubbing some evening, it’s just 15 minutes by car to the somewhat larger neighbour village, Samara. Here you’ll find everything you need. Here is everything you need.

Experience Deep Sea Fishing

The fishing here is amazing and many boats move here between January to the end of April as it’s often too windy further north at this time of the year. But outside of Carrillo, you will find calm waters and incredible fishing. Here you may catch Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado, and plenty more. Here you can get Marlin, Sailfish, Dorado and much more.

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