Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica

Several beautiful Pacific beaches next to a Grand National park


Nature hikes and bathing in a national park and fantastic beaches. The cosy village of Manuel Antonio is situated in a green and lush valley that ends on the beautiful beach right next to Manuel Antonio National park.

In Manuel Antonio’s National park you can take guided yours or hike on your own and experience animals and nature. Inside the national park are even more wonderful beaches where you can stop and take a cooling dip.

In the village of Manuel Antonio, which is situated along the beach and up the mountain there are several great hotels, restaurants, and bars. Among the favourites is Blue Marling that offers both good food and drink, right in front of the beach.

Surf, snorkel and fish

With the national park right by the beach there are plenty of fun activities and excursions to make. Here you can surf, sail catamaran, snorkel, and go on guided hikes and easy walks to see monkeys and sloths. The fishing is fantastic here as well and we have both bigger boats for deep sea fishing for Marlin and Sailfish and smaller boats for fishing poppers for Rooster fish, Snapper, Jack, etc.

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Manuel Antonio National Park

Here you can take lovely walks or longer guided hikes to enjoy nature and all the animals.

Food & Drink

There is also a good selection of restaurants and bars in the small village and among the favourites is Blue Marling that offers both good food and drink, right in front of the beach.

Experience four beaches

Tan, bathe and surf. On the beaches of Manuel Antonio there’s more to do than catch some rays and bathe, there are often good waves for surfing as well.

Hotels in Manuel Antonio

Excursions we recommend


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