Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica

The Caribbean at its best


Here both nature and culture breathes of the Caribbean with palm trees hanging over the long sandy beaches and reggae music beating through the whole village. Enjoy the good Caribbean food and lovely fruit drinks in the cosy little village, Puerto Viejo.

On the way to Puerto Viejo the road is lined by incredible nature scenes and gigantic banana plantations; Chiquita, among others, have some of their big plantations here. The food is marvellous as it is everywhere in Costa Rica, but here it is cooked the Caribbean way with more coconut, pineapple and a bit more spices than in the rest of the country.

Rainforest and Caribbean beaches

A good way to get around is by renting a bike or car for day trips, and visit the different beaches and villages around Puerto Viejo. A must is to visit the beaches Punta Uva and Manzanillo that are located 20-30 minutes south of the village. These are two of the most beautiful beaches on the Caribbean side of the country and perfect for a day trip for some sun and bathing The surroundings and animal life here is amazing as well and you can go for hikes in the rainforest, bathe in waterfalls or visit a rehabilitation centre for sloths while you are here. Of course you can also go surfing and make many other great excursions.

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