Tortuguero National Park

An experience that is a memory for life


This trip to Tortuguero is something special. Here you will live in the middle of the rain forest and surrounded by a river delta full of birds and animals. All hotels are nestedinto the jungle on different islands right next to the Caribbean ocean and Tortuguero’s National Park.

Tortuguero means, loosely translated,Turtle land, and on the beach of Tortuguero turtles lay their eggs every year. During egg-laying season for the different turtles you can go on tours to see them up on the beach. Animal life here is great and in the National Park you’ll find three different kinds of monkeys, turtles, jaguars, caimans, crocodiles and over 350 kinds of birds.

Tortuguero hotel package

Here you will stay at one of the cosy lodges (hotels) on one of the islands in the Tortuguero river delta. You usually come here on a 2 night/3 day package trip where a stay in one of the wonderful hotels is included. Since you live on an island, breakfast, lunch and dinner is included on all hotels. As well as 3 excursions that fits everyone, old and young. A hike through the jungle around the hotel, a river boat trip in the Tortuguero National Park where you can see lots of animals and the beautiful nature. The last excursion is to the Tortuguero village and the Caribbean beach. Here you will see how the locals live on this island in the middle of the rain forest and dip your toes into the Caribbean ocean. All this is run by local guides who will lead the way and tell you about animals and nature (in English).

  • During your stay, full board is included, with three meals per day and guided excursions through the amazing surroundings, in all hotel nights. All in the gorgeous tropical climate that the Caribbean side of Costa Rica has to offer. A visit here is a memory for life. A visit here is a memory for life!
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