Transportation around Costa Rica and car rental.

Here at Swetours we offer transportation between all the different destinations and hotels around Costa Rica. We work with a number of different transport companies in the country. The transports take place with either shared minibuses between the different hotels or private buses and cars with sizes between 4 to 55 passengers. Some transports are also done by both bus and boat if the hotels are on the other side of a lake or out in a river delta, like Tortuguero on the Caribbean side.

Shuttle buses are included in our round-trip programs and tailor-made trips, in these cases we charter minibuses for transports between the different hotels. These transports depart on set schedules and are shared with other travellers, all to give your holiday as few transfer hours as possible and as good a price as possible on your trip (all buses stop one the way for coffee break and toilet visits).
If you want private transport or a rental car during these trips then that is fine as well of course.

Rental car is also a good option if you want to be a little more flexible during your trip and go have your own adventures. We can offer all kinds of rental cars that make it easy for you to travel in Costa Rica. Driving a car in Costa Rica is no problem as long as you have GPS. If you can avoid rush hour traffic in San Jose, then we advise you to do so, other than that, just put the pedal to the metal and go. We can help you book all the hotels around the country and then your car and that way you can travel on your own around Costa Rica.

Flight. We also offer domestic flights in Costa Rica. All flights go via the capital San Jose and from there to the next destination. So, if you want to go from one beach resort to another you can’t fly directly between them i.e.. A to B. You still have to fly from A to San Jose and change flights and then fly from San Jose to B.

Costa Rica has fantastic scenery and to go by bus or car between the different destinations during your holiday is a perfect way to see more of this beautiful country.