Adventure day around the Arenal volcano

The perfect day for the whole family



Horseback riding to waterfall: 65 USD per person.
Hike around the volcano, hot springs of Baldis & dinner: 99 USD per person.

The following is included in the price:

  • Air-conditioned transport.
  • English-speaking guide.
  • Dinner and all three activities during the day.
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This full day of adventure begin with a horseback riding trip (no skill required and if you want to you can go by car) from the hotel to the 72m tall waterfall La Fortuna. Here you can swim in the lagoon or just enjoy this incredibly beautiful valley and the waterfall that adorns it. When you are done you slowly ride back towards the hotel while looking up at the volcano that towers over you. Here you have two hours of resting and lunch before we move on the adventures of the afternoon.


After lunch

After lunch it’s time to head for the foot of the volcano where you will go on a guided tour around the volcano and also walk up to the solidified lava that used to come from the volcano. After this you move on to a volcanic spa where you can relax in the mineral springs that are all warmed to different temperatures by the volcano. When you’re done with your swim you eat the included dinner at the spa before returning home to the hotel

During this whole day you’ll be going around the volcano for the different activities to have the best view of the top. If the weather is clear you’ll see smoke coming from the crater.

Note! Everything you’ll be doing during the day is at a safe distance from the volcanic crater.



  • Duration:Full day with two different parts, with an early start.
  • Clothes: Comfortable shoes, t-shirt, knee-length shorts and bathing suit.
  • Bring: Camera, sunblock, bathing suit (towel if you want to bathe in the waterfall).
  • Included:air-conditioned transport, English-speaking guide, dinner and all three activities during the day.

Price for horseback riding to the waterfall: 65 USD per person. Price for the hike around the volcano with guide, hot springs bathing and dinner = 99 USD per person.


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