Adventure day in the Monteverde rainforest

A wonderful full day with four different experiences baked into one


Price: 145 USD (without canopy zip line: 100 USD)

Price for full day incl. lunch and the four activities. Price is per person.

The following is included in the price:

  • Canopy zip line (10 lines, the longest is 1km long)
  • Hike on hanging bridges in the rainforest
  • Hummingbird watching
  • Butterfly garden
  • Lunch
  • English-speaking guide
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During your visit to Monteverde you can have a wonderful full day with four different experiences baked into one. You start the day by walking through the rainforest where you feed hummingbirds with sugar water in a small glen. Here you only have to sit still and look at these wonderful birds that fly around you incredible quickly. In Monteverde there are 14 different species of hummingbirds and here you can see them all. The smallest aren’t bigger than a few centimetres and the biggest ones can be about 15 cm long, all in different beautiful colours.

Then the morning continues with a hike through the wonderful scenery of the cloud forest and here you cross the valleys on stable hanging bridges and thus get a look at nature from above as well. Monteverde has 2500 different plants and trees that your guide will tell you about on your tour. With a little bit of luck, you’ll also get to see the world’s most beautiful bird, the Quetzal, that only live in a few places around the world, and the Monteverde rainforest is one of them


After lunch

After a hearty lunch that is included in the price it’s time to visit the biggest butterfly garden in Central America, a whole 2700 m2. Here you will find, depending on the season, between 15 and 50 different butterfly species as well as their pupas and cocoons. Among them, the big and beautiful Blue Morpho-butterfly.

After this is the moment everyone’s been waiting for, zip lining, or canopy, as they call it here. This is an incredibly fun and awesome experience for all ages. You’ll wear mountain climbing equipment so you’ll be safely secured on the wires when you go. After this all you have to do is zip line between the platforms attached to the rainforest tree tops. This is one of the longest canopies in the country with its 15 wires (lines) and 18 platforms. Everyone can go zip lining, old and young. You can also remove the canopy from this package



  • Duration: Full day
  • Clothing: comfortable shoes, t-shirt and shorts plus rain poncho in case of rain (can be bought on-site for ca 10 USD)

Price for the full day in Monteverde including the four excursions and lunch: 145 USD per person. You can also remove parts of the day if you’d like.


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