River Rafting in Costa Rica

A memory for life, both in adrenaline and nature experiences


Price: from 70-100 USD per person

Do you want an adventure outside of the ordinary? In that case river rafting is for you!

River rafting can be done on several rivers in Costa Rica. Everyone who knows how to swim can join and it’s done with professional guides. River rafting is graded on a scale of 1-5 where 5 is max (the strongest currents).

This tour will give you a memory for life both in adrenaline and nature experiences. The rivers vary in strength depending on time of the year and are the strongest during May to January, that is, during and the first months after the rain period. A river that is graded class 2-3 (good beginner level) in March might be a 5 in December. All this is something our guides know well!

Just let us know when you want to leave and we will find the perfect river just for you.


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